Summer with SDEV – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Summer with SDEV

I am proud to say that I am interning with Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision (SDEV). SDEV’s mission is to improve the economy of Southwest Detroit and combat environmental issues in order to better the neighborhood and health of Southwest Detroit residents. This summer I will be doing a little bit of everything from public outreach to truck data to even party planning. I will be working with SDEV’s Land and Water branch on the urban garden and the garden party. I’ll be able to go onsite and do some planting and picking. I’ll also be calling local businesses to ask for donations for SDEV’s annual garden party. On the more public policy side I will be working with SDEV’s Healthy Air branch to collect data on how many trucks pass by specific streets each week. I will also be meeting with other organizations like EcoWorks and DEA to discuss some policies and with DRP to send new policies out. I think I am most excited about planning the garden party as I know it will be a fun event for the whole community (you guys can all come!).

So far I am loving DCERP and everyone that’s a part of it. I like knowing that we’re all struggling and winning at our projects together, especially during the first week. My learning group is amazing, so far we decided on watching a documentary and the movie Wall-E to learn more about environmental justice. Tonight some of the fellows and I played games through zoom and got to know each other a little better. It was really fun and I hope I get to meet more of you during our next virtual meet up!

I attached a picture of a quote I found on SDEV’s website front page 🙂

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  1. Gabrielle Lilly

    Hi! Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision sounds like they are doing a lot to help the community, and it is exciting to know you will be a part of that. I am curious as to what the truck data analysis will show, so please keep us update. The garden party you are planning seems like it will be great time. You should definitely share when it will be because I would love to go!

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