Week Three – 3 days late – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week Three – 3 days late

Hi everyone! I am so sorry this blog is late. My computer broke and I could not post the blog from my phone. Good to know.

Anyway, thinking about Detroit and what I’ve learned so far: COVID had a huge impact on Detroit residents, especially on the East, West, and South sides. That’s where all of the black and brown people are. I’ve met with some clients of ProsperUS Detroit and hearing their stories about how COVID interrupted their startups or how they lost their day jobs that they relied on because their businesses weren’t profitable yet, etc. I think the move to social distance was kind of simple for ProsperUS, but I think it still had a negative impact on the people they are trying to reach. COVID exposed the racist systems in America and how there is not much that can be done. Honestly, I feel defeated but like Crystal said “Sometimes, the only thing we can do is do our best to help as many people as we can.”

2 thoughts on “Week Three – 3 days late”

  1. Hi, Ataia!
    The black and brown community of Detroit definitely took a hit over the last year and a half of COVID. It’s really sad how the virus took the lives of so many people in this community. What has ProsperUS Detroit done to help these people?

  2. Hey! Great post. I understand the feeling of defeat. It’s hard not to get so wrapped up in your head about this but keep pushing. You’re doing amazing work with ProsperUS, and you’re trying your best. There are a lot of systematic changes that need to be made, but starting “small” with the work you’re doing locally is what opens those discussions.

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