Week 4: Considering the Work Culture at ProsperUs Detroit – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 4: Considering the Work Culture at ProsperUs Detroit

Nonprofits are more complicated than they seem. At ProsperUS, I think there is an unspoken expectation that everyone working in the nonprofit are doing it for the right reasons. It takes a lot to keep a nonprofit running. Someone is always looking for grants to support the efforts of the nonprofit without compromising the integrity of the organization. ProsperUS has a small team and it’s common for everyone work long hours to put not there programs. I am impressed at how dedicated they are to helping as many people as they can. The ProsperUS team could be more racially diverse, however everyone there are all on the same page. They all want to do whatever it takes to support as many people in the marginalized communities in and around Detroit as they can. They also work with other organizations with similar work culture that can better serve the people that they cannot. ProsperUs Detroit is like the epitome of antiracism and inclusivity. Not only for the people they are supporting, but for themselves as well. I’ve learned about some of their learning curves and they were responded to with patience and understanding that I believe most people deserve.

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  1. Hey! I love the work ProsperUS is doing. It does take a lot to run a nonprofit–so I definitely understand the importance of applying for grants. The small team seems to be working super hard so go them! I hope things are going well for you at ProsperUS, and I’m glad they’re working towards an inclusive environment.

  2. Hey Ataia! That’s great that ProsperUS has an antiracist and inclusive work environment and is aiming to promote that in the community. And I agree with your thoughts about the complexity of nonprofits; it can definitely be tricky to find/receive grants let alone those that don’t compromise the organization’s integrity. I love how your nonprofit site works and connects with other organizations to maximize their effect!

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