Week Four: Settling In – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week Four: Settling In

In all honesty, I had a pretty rough start with my organization over these first few weeks. There wasn’t much communication between my mentor and I, and there also was not very much work for Ray and I to do. At the beginning of last week, though, we both got work plans for the months of June and July. I ended up very happy with my project and I am just starting to settle in with my organization.

During COVID times, when students and volunteers can’t meet in person, 826michigan has created writers kits. Writers kits are booklets full of prompts and other materials that promote writing. Students and parents have the opportunity to choose a specific kit online and it is handmade and mailed to them. There are multiple different kits to choose from; my personal favorite is the Mystery Writing Kit. Students are given a scenario with suspects and evidence and they need to write their own solution to the mystery.

My personalized project (along with the help of a partner) is to make a brand new writing kit. This one is a bit different, though. Our writing kit will be aimed to help high school seniors write college application essays. We are starting completely from scratch. I have been doing a lot of research on successful college application essays and how they’re structured, what they’re about, etc. I am hoping to find a little bit more information on the process behind college essay writing and the help students will need while completing it. We have only just started, and I am already excited for the finished product! There are so many things we can implement and add to our kit.

PS – If you have any expertise on college application essay writing, PLEASE shoot me a message. Any help is appreciated!

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