Reflecting on Culture – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Reflecting on Culture

The definition of culture is very expansive and when looking at the prompt I realized that I don’t often reflect on cultures other than my own or how culture permeates many environments like a workplace for example. I’m interested in exploring different cultures and not from an intrusive perspective, but from a place of respect and genuine interest. I think that culture can be connective and allow people to interact in ways that are beyond the superficial. When we view culture as something that is unifying rather than a part of our lives that separates us, it brings us together. Participating in the program and hearing from the guest speakers, fellows, and Ray, I’ve learned a lot about culture in Detroit that I hadn’t been informed about before. I’m looking forward to learning more about and appreciating different cultures/cultural experiences in Detroit especially.

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  1. Hey Maia. I definitely agree culture can bring us together. I was watching a show on Netflix called “Lucifer” and a character gathered people from all different [monotheistic] religions to ask what kind of person God is and what they’d like to see in God. I thought it was a powerful way to get opinions to create a happier future, although it’s just a show.
    At the same time, it has the same powerful effect to me when we were all discussing what our ideal communities would look like if we had no limitations. People from different cultures can bring values a person never would’ve dreamed up otherwise.
    Yeah, we’ve got culture to appreciate in our own backyards. I’m looking forward to consciously engaging in that as well.

  2. Hi Maia, I completely agree. It’s ironic, because my subplan for my major is in Comparative Culture and Identity, but I was also surprised by the prompt for this week. I was forced to think deeply about the culture not only Detroit, but also at my nonprofit, and it has been extremely insightful. I’m also really looking forward to hearing more about the culture in Detroit.

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