Week 5: The Starry Night – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 5: The Starry Night

Something big is coming to Detroit this summer – Van Gogh. He’s the first artist I remember learning about in middle school. Now, so many years later his image is back in my life, and every other kid from the Detroit area. To celebrate the 100th year anniversary of the Detroit Institute of Art’s official purchase of the Van Gogh, the first sale of it’s kind in America, the museum is opening up an immersive experience of his work. I am very excited to go before summer’s end. An exclusive Detroit event, tickets are at a moderate $40-50. Here’s a picture and link if you’re a fan of art and/or museums!


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  1. Gabrielle Lilly

    I recently went to the Beyond Van Gogh exhibit and it was extraordinary. There is something about his artwork that is so moving and I find to be calming. He had a true talent. The exhibit had a well executed layout since the first section you read small excerpts about his life, then you got to experience a lot of his artwork. After hearing about his life, it almost made me have a greater appreciation for the work he did.

  2. Tottionna Bushell

    Hello Myla,

    I think that it’s so amazing that you are writing about this. I really want to visit this Van Gogh exhibit because I am inspired by art. I am so happy that they brought this exhibit to Detroit.



  3. Wow, I had no idea that this was even happening! I also remember learning about Van Gogh in middle school and elementary school; we did entire units on his art and I remember having make a painting in the style of The Starry Night, too. The exhibit looks really cool, thanks for sharing!!

  4. I remember hearing about this exhibit and now I really want to go. The DIA has always been a place for me to go since I was a kid because I love art and Van Gogh has been an artist I’ve always been interested in. His work was never appreciated until after he died and his pieces were often expressions of his mental state at the time of painting. I’m kind of rambling but I’m saying all this to say this is a wonderful event to come to Detroit and anyone interested in Van Gogh or art should go.

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