The Culture of NSO – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

The Culture of NSO

I know this was a prompt from a few weeks ago, but I wanted to write about the culture of NSO. Time and time again, I can see how much the organization cares. They care about their clients. They care about their employees no matter what position they hold, even their interns!! It’s been super special getting to work with NSO for the past month, and I truly have felt valued and seen even in such a large organization.

Because NSO is so large, with over 200 employees, another key part of the NSO culture is communication. There may be countless meetings, but each one is intentional with meaningful conversation and careful listening. I’ve had the opportunity to observe “Huddles,” which happen twice a week. I’ve seen successes, big or small, celebrated, but I’ve also seen issues brought to the table, and discussed how they can be resolved. This desire for improvement is part of NSO’s culture as well. The organization constantly asks how they can do better, and they emphasize the importance of communication in achieving this mission. They want to offer their best to the people they serve, and I think the culture of NSO makes this possible.

There’s so much more to NSO, but these are the qualities that have stood out to me the most and made me admire the organization even more.

2 thoughts on “The Culture of NSO”

  1. Gabrielle Lilly

    It is so great to hear that NSO has provided such a positive work environment for you. The way you talked about NSO made me even google them to learn because I love hearing about organizations that sincerely care about their employees and the work they do.

  2. Raymond Ugaz-Carhuavilca

    That’s definitely an attitude that I love to hear! NSO seems to want to thrive no matter what and success is their main reach. I wish all organizations were like this because there are some that just don’t care about anyone but the money. I’m glad this culture is part of your internship!

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