Week 6: Free Form – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 6: Free Form

Hey everyone! Admittedly, work has been picking up and I think that shows from this late blog post (I apologize!). I love the work that I have been doing in my placement so far. I have been involved in housing advocacy in Detroit through the Right to Council coalition and also been involved in the ARP process in Detroit. Being apart of listening in, educating, and learning more about the ARP process in Detroit has been an interesting experience for me. It really is history in the making. However, from what we learn about history…. monumental events like this almost always are corrupted, or taken advantage of. Personally, I feel like this is happening in Detroit right now. City Council and the Mayor are not listening to the voices of their constituents and residents of Detroit. City Council went against overwhelming public majority and voted YES to the Mayor’s ARP proposal plan. To me, thats an abhorrent display of democracy. ESPECIALLY with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity like this. I have noticed that in Detroit, power dynamics and fueling ego means everything, and it’s really sad. I guess that’s all for my little rant. I just wish democracy was upheld in it’s truest form.

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  1. Hi!
    My work is going to be picking up this week, too. Ray and I actually have an extended program this summer, we will be working until the end of August! We’ve been working part-time up to this point, but now we are starting on full time. Good luck with the increase in work!
    I have always been very interested in housing in Detroit. What is the most interesting part to you?

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