Week 7: Reflection on Week 5 Talk – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 7: Reflection on Week 5 Talk

Our guest speaker on week 5, Deandre Calvert, was very interesting to hear about public policy and how organizations are heard. It’s a little cheating because policy does come up at my site, however, my site isn’t focused on policy so it’s fine. It just reminded me of the fact that my organization which is a black-led LGBT organization also has a mobilization branch dedicated to voter registration, and discussing public policy in Detroit. As an organization, LGBT Detroit centers around organizing community events and empowering the people. For example, LGBT Detroit Mobilization is taking part in a peace walk to protest violence in the city or taking stanches for city proposals that put power in the people. This reminded me of all the ways Deandre said that organizations can leverage power against officials in order to have their demands heard. Maybe it’s a loose connection but I just thought it was relevant.

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  1. That’s dope your organization would think to include something like that. With gay marriage just getting legalized in the recent decade, it’s very important the queer community maintains their stride in politics. Plus, the queer community historically has made political statements that stand out, impossible to ignore. This is a great connection. Thanks for sharing Lillith.

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