Week 7: Learning Groups So Far – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 7: Learning Groups So Far

Hey everyone! This week, I wanted to reflect on the learning group presentations so far. 

The anti-racism group did an amazing job, and the presentation afterwards was just as powerful. I found the virtual privilege walk to be particularly eye-opening. There were many instances of privilege that I had simply not considered before, like being right-handed or never having to rely on public transportation. The activity reshaped my thinking on the privileges that I have, and perhaps more importantly, I’ve realized that these are privileges that other people do not have. Our group discussion was even more eye-opening. The open and honest conversations facilitated by the anti-racism group really helped reinforce the lessons of privilege that I learned from the privilege walk. Hearing everyone’s thoughts on the activity did that as well. Great job to the anti-racism group!

I’n my unbiased opinion, the environmental justice group did an amazing job as well! Okay, I admit that this was my group, but I guess I’ll take this opportunity to reflect on what I learned preparing the presentation with my group. First of all, shout out to Kirsten, Manar, and Monica for teaching me a ton about environmental justice and for being a great team! WALL-E was something that I never considered connected to environmental justice, but after watching the movie and discussing it with my group, I can certainly see the strong parallels it has to environmental justice and environmental issues today. I found it shocking that, despite being from 2008, many of the issues shown in WALL-E (usually not explicitly mentioned) carry so much weight today. 

I’m looking forward to learning more at the other presentations!

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  1. Hey Noah! I missed the anti racism group unfortunately but from what I’ve heard from you and others, it was a really beneficial presentation and discussion. I too wouldn’t have thought that being right-handed would be considered a privilege but it makes total sense! Your environmental justice group’s presentation was so well done. It was so interesting because although I’ve seen WALL-E, I remember that when I watched it I didn’t think of it having anything to do with environmental justice but looking back on it, it had everything to do with that.

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