Meet my Mentor: Katrina McCree – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Meet my Mentor: Katrina McCree

Katrina McCree just celebrated her one year anniversary at NSO in mid July, but her career is built off a wide array of experiences that has helped her fostered success and prepare her for her current position.

Katrina went to high school in Detroit before going off to a small HBCU in Jackson, TN. She came back to Michigan, finding Eastern Michigan University to be a better fit for her, and completed a Bachelors in Communications. After enduring a string of hardships, Katrina received her Masters in Human Resources and started her first job as an admissions counselor for the University of Michigan hospital and an assistant to the registrar at the School of Social Work. She stayed within the university for some time, working for the medical and pharmacy schools where she developed her grant writing skills.

Then, Katrina decided to pursue the corporate world. She became an expert in organization development, helping guide cultural and behavioral changes within institutions. Her work benefited areas such as Grand Rapids and Wayne County with noticeable achievements such as management of training requirements for a $500 million project in Detroit and creating a program from scratch. She went on to become the Executive Director at Women Arise, an organization for women ex-offenders, before getting called to lead another large project for the city of Detroit and eventually ending up at the Detroit Medical Center system. Here, she was the Director of Government and Community Affairs and Market Director for the Affordable Care Act, before being promoted to work for the hospital system’s environmental services.

Now, Katrina serves as the Chief Community Impact Officer at NSO, joining the organization after feeling it was a perfect match for her skill set and a place where she could continue to grow. Her vision and goals are to help ensure that there are effective systems in place, the organization has sustainable funding and a diversified portfolio, and most importantly, that NSO experiences constant improvement. I have seen firsthand the incredible work Katrina does and how NSO benefits because of her accomplishments. She is extremely gifted, and her talent for building relationships and heart for serving others positively impacts everyone around her. I feel immensely grateful to have had the chance to be her intern this summer, and I cannot wait to see what she continues to do for Neighborhood Service Organization.

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  1. Hey Abby! I always find it so interesting how someone’s career path develops and Katrina’s is especially interesting. There are common threads through her journey it seems but she’s also done so much across the board and has made a great impact in her experiences and career!

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