Week Two – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week Two

This summer I am so happy to be working with Chandler Park Conservancy. It has already been an amazing start to the program and getting the opportunity to work with such an incredible organization. Chandler Park’s mission is to give recreational, conservational, and environmental education opportunities to the community. They offer free youth sports programs for children throughout the summer, and have a variety of events throughout the summer that are free for the community. We recently just had our first event which was Sounds of Music, and provided a free concert in the park along with free food, and free sports gear. We were able to educate the children about the history of music in Detroit. It brought the community together and people were very happy. My project contains a variety of things. I will be working to create a safe place in the park that people can go to and enjoy. I will be helping to get more people out in the park and participating in more events that Chandler Park hosts, and I will be helping run a sports youth program throughout the summer and teaching the kids various sports like lacrosse, tennis, archery, and many more. I will be researching what things that can be done better, what other parks are doing in comparison to Chandler Park, and creating surveys to help us better understand people’s knowledge of the park along with what can get them to come to the park more often. 

My DCERP experience has been amazing and I feel like our cohort is such a strong, kind, great group of people that I am very excited to be working alongside throughout the summer. I am overjoyed to get to know each and every person better. I hope to bring everyone to Chandler Park because it is such a beautiful park, with tons of things to do, and I think it would be amazing to get everyone out there to see it.

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