Week 3!! – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 3!!

While working with Chandler Park, I have learned a variety of things about Detroit. We had a Sounds of Music event where I got to learn about some of the history of Detroit’s music.  I have learned the prominence of nonprofits and how they operate within communities. I have learned a lot about different kinds of food in Detroit and got to try various places. I also talked to one of my DCERP fellows about the impact marijuana dispensaries have on the city and how it is affecting them. I have been in Detroit a short time, but already feel like I have learned so much and got the opportunity to speak with many community members and hear what they have to say regarding the city and their opinions. I am excited to keep on learning and hearing more about Detroit.

COVID hit everyone extremely difficult, however it was good and bad for Chandler Park. The park was not able to have events or large camps for the children. However, because people were scared of the unknowing, and the park is such an open, big space, it allowed people to go to the park, get outside, walk around, and feel safe outside of the house. It is big enough to where people can create distance from one another so people visited the park a lot to get out.  We also get to talk to community members almost everyday. We are outside in the park often, and also help with events and camps, and are constantly interacting with community members, and even creating friendships with them as well. 

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  1. Hey Maddie! It sounds like your placement is going really well! I’m interested in that discussion on how marijuana dispensaries are impacting the community. I also want to know how your time at archery practice that you mentioned last week went (lol), Hope everything stays fun!

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