Week 3: Expungement Fair – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 3: Expungement Fair

Hi Everyone! It’s funny that part of this week’s prompt is about COVID, because it has definitely impacted my week. This Wednesday, SWDCJC hosted an Expungement Fair for members of the community to come learn about the process of getting their records expunged of low level and nonviolent misdemeanors. The event was supposed to be in person, but because of a COVID exposure amongst the City of Detroit Project Clean Slate staff, the event was moved online. Luckily, the event still went fairly smoothly and we were able to connect people of Southwest Detroit to relevant information and assistance.

The pandemic has really changed a lot of the services that SWDCJC provides because of the new challenges that so many families faced.

In 2020, during the global pandemic, 242 clients and their family members were assisted and provided case management, counseling and crisis intervention appointments via phone, video conferencing and face-to-face. Clients were helped with applying for unemployment benefits, paying bills online, completing online applications for assistance with housing, food, and other basic needs, completing the census survey, opening bank accounts, and obtaining pay cards to receive unemployment benefits and stimulus payments. SWDCJC provides wraparound services to the community, which includes all of the aforementioned things and more in order to address the root causes of incarceration. It’s been fascinating to hear about how the pandemic has transformed the agency to take on new responsibilities in the community.

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  1. Hey Maya!
    Your organization sounds awesome. I know it was really hard especially for non-profits to continue their work since their so small and usually have less resources. It is great to hear that SWDCJC continues to do good work and even used the pandemic as a way to reflect and see how they could improve. Interested to hear more about this!

  2. Hi Maya! The pandemic has certainly caused many organizations to change how they reach out their services to people of their community. I loved hearing about how SWDCJC provided all those services, especially when those services are already hard to access. I’m glad to hear how your site goes above and beyond and that you’re able to experience how they make an impact!

  3. Hi Maya,
    Really encouraging that your organization was able to make an impact in the community despite the COVID-19 pandemic!

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