Week 5: Freeform – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 5: Freeform

When looking at today’s blog option to write a freeform post, I thought that would be very fitting considering the freeform nature of a lot of my work this summer. I thought that working for the city government would be regimented and highly directed, but it has turned out to not be that way. I am very much a rule follower, so when the rules are clearly laid out, I have no problem producing something that fits those rules. At my site, we have been given a lot of freedom in the development of the mediation plan we are attempting to create.

In some ways, this freedom to design the program felt paralyzing: how would I know what kind of program community members actually wanted? What would my boss and the Director of CRIO see as a successful program outline? What does a good mediation program even look like? All of these unanswered questions made me anxious, but I am now realizing they created the space for me to think outside of the box and create something potentially even more impactful. We are still far from complete with the program summary and there are many unanswered questions to find compelling solutions for, but I feel like with the support of the department I get to work with and my fellow interns, we can create something great out of this freeform space.

3 thoughts on “Week 5: Freeform”

  1. Hey Rose,
    I love the freedom that you have at your site, and I am glad to hear how you have embraced it. I hope that you are able to exceed all expectations and I am looking forward to hearing about all the work that you will be doing these next few weeks!

  2. Rose, I can definitely understand feeling anxious about a lack of structure, but it’s so valuable to learn how to be self-regimented and to use that freedom to your advantage. You’re doing really great things and I’m so excited for all that’s in store for you!

  3. Hi Rose, I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying the freedom that CRIO has given you! I’m excited to see what you do with this space as the summer progresses.

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