Week 5:) – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 5:)

Hey everyone! Hope everyones doing good. I work at Chandler Park Conservancy and the past month we have been working on a youth summer program. It has been a big process to get everything together for the camp, and it is only me and two other people running the camp on a daily basis. I was a bit stressed about how it would go because we had about 100 kids registered for the camp. It started this week, and I have to say it has gone amazing. We have great instructors teaching the kids non-traditional sports and they have seemed to love it. I have also taught some archery classes which have been a bit challenging but I have managed to adapt quickly in learning how to teach them. The group of kids we have are so sweet, and I have actually learned so much from them about the city of Detroit. They tell me their favorite music artists, favorite places to go, where to eat and lots of other great things. I really love my site and working with kids and also my team. I think the summer camp has had a great start and I am excited for the second half of my internship to be outside and hands on.

2 thoughts on “Week 5:)”

  1. Hey Maddie!
    Glad to hear that the summer camp is going well so far! Doing hands-on work for the rest of the program should be really exciting!

  2. Hi Maddie!

    Woah, you’re teaching archery! This summer youth program sounds amazing, and I love the idea of teaching the kids non-traditional sports. The work sounds hard at times but so worth it, and I really think you’re making a direct positive impact on these kids. I’m sure there are even more interesting experiences ahead!

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