Week Five: – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week Five:

Hi everyone :))

We have now reached the five-week mark and I feel like I keep getting busier. I am currently researching attorney general information while at the same time having to write one-pagers and create a video of testimonies about right to counsel. I want to do well with every assignment I am given so I think that is why I feel pressure with every assignment. But luckily my mentor has been super helpful whenever I hit a roadblock and is very communicative. Hopefully, I am able to leave a positive impact on my organization and that my work contributes to their cause. I think I am worried about creating the video mainly since I do not have much experience with it so I am worried about the process. But my mentor connected me with someone who works in this area to give me advice and help.

In all, I have really enjoyed the work I have been doing and I like being productive/useful for CDAD. The more I work with them the more I remember why I wanted to go into this field and pursue law in the first place. It made me realize the importance of legal representation and how much of an impact you can create on people’s lives; especially with housing, which is arguably the centerpiece of everyone’s life since it affects every area of a person’s life.

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  1. You absolutely will leave a positive impact on the community site you are working with and I am confident they are grateful for the work you are doing. Take your time and take it easy on yourself. You are doing a great job, you got this! Also I agree, legal representation is extremely important, I have seen countless people who need legal representation to fight for their protection of their basic needs. However, unfortunately legal representation is very expensive so they have to represent themselves, which is why non-profit such as CDAD are needed. This also adds to why your work you do here and in the future is so impactful.

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