Seventh Week in Detroit: Belle Isle and Buena Comida – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Seventh Week in Detroit: Belle Isle and Buena Comida

Our trip to Belle Isle this past weekend was nice. I hadn’t yet been out to the island and going as a group was probably the best way to do it. The standout feature for me was the architecture of the aquarium, a building once again designed by Albert Kahn. His stated intent with the fish tanks was to imitate how art might be shown in a gallery, leading to an interior that is certainly unique. The conservancy, also designed by Kahn, was similarly beautiful. I can understand why that lawn is a popular venue. I also liked seeing the fountain, tower, sound stage, and flower gardens. 

Our trip to Mexicantown was also fun. It was disheartening to once again hear the story of a flourishing neighborhood that was demolished to make room for a highway. That certainly seems to be a common phenomenon in the history of Detroit. On a lighter I don’t think anyone in our group finished everything on their plate as we were given an obscene amount of food at the Xochimilco Restaurant. I also loved Elton Monroy Duran’s mural of Frida Kahlo. I generally like art that features vibrant color and murals often fall into that category. The walk to find mangonada was a fitting finale, presenting an opportunity to try something new.

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