Week 7: Belle Isle Fountain – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 7: Belle Isle Fountain

Last week when we went to Belle Isle the Learning Group gave a presentation on the James Scott Memorial Fountain. I found it very interesting that James Scott was a man with a horrible reputation yet he had a fountain and a statue dedicated to his memory. Since he had no family or friends to give his money to he decided to give it to the city of Detroit with the condition that they would build a memorial for whatever they used the money on. James Scott wanted to leave his mark on Detroit and I feel the same about my time in Detroit. I hope that my work these past weeks will be something my site and the surrounding community can take advantage of. As our time is coming to an end I wish I could keep doing this work but I’m confident I have made a lasting impression.

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  1. I found it interesting as well how this man could have a fountain dedicated to him, but I also feel like the money could have been placed towards something so much useful. That is what sets our work apart from the mark he has left in Detroit and I am glad we are about the do something more for the community. I am also confident that the work you have done will leave an impact rather it is small or big, but it will definitely have a lasting impact on the community.

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