Week 9: And That’s a Wrap…. For This Chapter – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 9: And That’s a Wrap…. For This Chapter

Congratulations Everyone!! We have finished our summer with DCERP. I am very proud of everyone in DCERP and I know we have plenty more opportunities ahead of us! I am happy I was able to meet you all and see all of your projects come to fruition in the end. We have all left an impact but there is still more work to do, and even though we are leaving, our work we have completed here will continue to grow and develop.

Looking back at my first blog post, I still feel the same about how I would describe a community and why I want to contribute to the community. The only difference now is that I feel more passionate than ever to contributing whatever I can to the community within and outside of Detroit. There is so much more we can do, and even though we are wrapping up our chapter here, we have plenty more chapters to write! Goodbye for now DCERP and ProsperUs! This is a experience I will always cherish!

Ps. Say hi if you see me around Campus! 🙂

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