Week 3 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 3

Sorry for the late upload! I did not even see that my Thursday response never uploaded, but glad I caught that now:

Something I have learned about Detroit so far from working with my community organization is through their BIZ sector that hosted a couple of events this week. One of them was hosting local restaurants and food vendors in a catering event where smaller businesses were able to market their food through samples and talk to customers one on one. This sector of my community organization helped with the urban planning of Detroit since 2009 to help create safe, inclusive, and clean spaces throughout Downtown without displacing lower income groups.

The pandemic did impact how the organization hosted events and how they had to adjust and operate under it. I think it was harder to start working with smaller businesses after people were coming out from the pandemic because they needed a larger push after such a big hit to their businesses or organizations, which then resulted in our organization having a more difficult time creating the events with these businesses and collaborate with them within Detroit spaces. I think it was very nice when I got to interact with people who managed the small businesses our organization partners with and talk to them more about what their organization does, like the N’Namdi Center when they participated in the African Drum Circle for one of the events we hosted.

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