Siya Yinti – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Siya Yinti

Week 9

When I reflect on what drew me to Downtown Detroit Partnership and the opportunity to work with DCERP after nine weeks I have learned that I did not realize how much I would be interacting with the community around me specifically the small businesses. I think growing within the nine weeks to live and work […]

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Week 8

This project has increased my understanding of the issue surrounding small businesses and how the community they are in plays a large role in helping them break out into the commerce scene, especially women-owned and BIPOC-owned businesses which already have a larger barriers because of staggering inequalities that affect how much wealth is held by

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Week 7

This week, Maggie and I chose to interview each other for our blog post to get to know each other more. As we sat outside in sunny Detroit weather we got to share more about each other and our lives. Maggie is from Houston, Texas and is majoring in Sociology and Social Work. When we

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Week 6

I am choosing to write about an article from Bridge Detroit called “‘Rationing justice’: Legal aid programs struggle to meet high demand” by Nushrat Rahman. “‘We’ve never been funded at a level to really provide services. We are always rationing justice, which is terrible when you really think of that, but that’s what we’re doing,’

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Week 5

I interviewed one of my site mentors, Laura Dean and asked her the following questions: What is your background and how did you get involved with nonprofit work? After I graduated from college, I worked for a few for profit companies because my background is event management. But then I started to enjoy the work

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Week 4

I wanted to write about what I had learned about my nonprofit organization this past week and how it relates back to the upcoming project I was given to be working on throughout the summer. The main idea that people at my fellowship try to emphasize is how the Downtown Detroit Partnership (DDP) is their

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Week 3

Sorry for the late upload! I did not even see that my Thursday response never uploaded, but glad I caught that now: Something I have learned about Detroit so far from working with my community organization is through their BIZ sector that hosted a couple of events this week. One of them was hosting local

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Week 2

The community organization that I am working with is called the Downtown Detroit Partnership which is a non-profit organization that has philanthropic and community strengthening goals for the urban core of Detroit. The company works with key stakeholders in the public and private sectors on multiple programs in order to enhance the areas of Downtown

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Week 1

Hi! My name is Siya Yinti and I am a rising sophomore that intends on majoring in PPE (Politics, Philosophy, & Economics). I will be working with the Detroit Downtown Partnership this summer! Community means to me that there is a shared understanding between a group of people. Specifically, this is what attracted me to

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