Week 7: Just Being – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 7: Just Being

A guest speaker that stood out to me was Ms. Tiffany Brown, who recently spoke about the organizations that she is a part of which includes being executive director of the Detroit Food Academy and founder of 3D; Developing Despite Distance. Parental incarceration is a topic that I know little about, even though I have seen peers who have struggled with such. The work that Tifanny does and the presentation that she gave were so inspiring and helped highlight the importance of spaces where we can open up without condemnation or shame.

 She also talked about the significance of self-care, and how we have to truly rest in order to be the best versions of ourselves and achieve what we want in the world. Hustle culture has led many of us to undermine the importance of just being present in the moment, and not trying to outdo everyone else or achieve the biggest or greatest accomplishments. Rest is what gives us strength, it is what allows us to show up and continue to live. Especially in the U.S., we are constantly looking for way to become the most ‘productive’, maximizing our routines so we can grind nonstop and spend the least amount of time asleep in order to get more done. However, this way of living is unsustainable and there will be an eventual breaking point where one is unable to continue to work like a machine.

One moment during the presentation that spoke to me was when she had us pull from a deck of ‘Rest’ self-care cards. The one I pulled stated:

“Rest is my foundation to build, invent, restore, and imagine the world I want to see.”

I don’t think these words could have echoed more true especially during a time like this. Over the past few days, I feel as if I have gotten into a rut of routine, the days seamlessly blending together from night to morning. However, as I reflected on those words I realized that in order to truly break free of that monotonous routine, I have to find the time to truly just ‘be’. I have to find time for myself so I can provide that time for others, and show up in my relationships, my work, and my life.

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  1. Rest is soooo important! It’s easy for our day-to-day lives to become so hectic, we must prioritize self-care practices in order for us to stay grounded.

  2. Hi Chinwe I also loved the ‘Rest’ self-care cards! I actually took a picture of mine because it resonated so deeply with me. It read “you will not lose it all if you pause to connect with your body and mind. You have already lost it all if you are living a fear-based life centered on scarcity. Do not fear what you are missing or losing. You are abundant. Your rest is abundant. You are more than what you produce for a capitalist system. Your worth is deep. You are safe.”

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