Week 8 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 8

The Detroit Food Academy is an amazing program. I’ve enjoyed learning more about nutrition, self-awareness, and financial literacy through the organization. One of my goals this summer was to create two visual presentations that represented the experiences of the students and staff in the summer leadership program. The progress I made in week eight was very impactful since most of the projects were complete. It was nice to look back at all the fun times we had and the learning opportunities we experienced. During my time at DFA, I was given insight into some of the work it takes to run a successful nonprofit. It is a commitment that involves a lot of hands-on participation. Thankfully, The DFA team showed me the importance of prioritizing filling your cup so that you can pour into others and the organization in a productive manner. This motto reminds me to take care of myself so I can best serve others.

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