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Wisdom Andino

Week 8

The Detroit Food Academy is an amazing program. I’ve enjoyed learning more about nutrition, self-awareness, and financial literacy through the organization. One of my goals this summer was to create two visual presentations that represented the experiences of the students and staff in the summer leadership program. The progress I made in week eight was …

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Week 7 Blog

 I had an amazing time listening to Ms. Tiffany Brown! I’m thankful that she took the time to come and talk with the DCERP group. She gave an awesome presentation on the wonderful work that she does with the Detroit Food Academy and Developing Despite Distance. Also, she shared the importance of self-care in her …

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Week 5 Blog: The Qualities of Community-Engaged Work

I’m learning a lot about the kind of qualities that are appreciated in a person who does community-engaged work. The qualities that I’ve noticed are resiliency, compassion, grace, adaptability, positivity, creativity, critical thinking, affability, and discipline. These character traits come to mind in each leader that I meet at my site and beyond. The people …

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Week 4 Blog

How to Kill a City is a very eye-opening book. I really appreciated the familiar language that the author used to describe the inequities and long-term effects of gentrification. Oftentimes, the term is loosely used and the impact is left unclear. I’m glad the book references several cities to demonstrate that gentrification is not coincidental. …

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Week 3 Blog

The Detroit Food Academy (DFA) supports young students in Detroit to encourage healthy eating habits, social-emotional learning, and financial literacy. One thing that was really nice to learn more about is DFA’s Small Batch Detroit pathway. This sector of the Detroit Food Academy allows students to learn and be exposed to essential entrepreneurial skills. The …

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Week 2 Blog

This summer, I’m working with the Detroit Food Academy (DFA). This organization’s mission is to provide youth with the resources and information to make nutritious and delicious meals. Also, the program prioritizes implementing social and emotional learning skills and financial literacy tips to support Detroit youth’s development. I am supporting DFA’s mission and programming goals …

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Week 1 Blog Post

Hey everyone! My name is Wisdom and I’m a rising junior planning on majoring in psychology and minoring in community action and social change. I’m excited about our experience this summer. A community is a group of people that one find commonalities with and progress together. I am a native Detroiter and it’s very important …

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