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Week 9: Walaikum Salam

Asalam Alaikum, Walaikum Salam, this is the proper response to the greeting “Asalam Alaikum” and it translates to “And unto you peace”.  I chose to start my first blog post with the greeting Asalam Alaikum because I think it is symbolic of the values that come with community work and community-based research, but after two …

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Week 7: Power

Asalam Alaikum! Last week I was scrambling for power, specifically electricity. In our planning of a community movie night in a newly acquired parcel of land, it was smooth sailing until the day of, when our hopeful power source flat out told me “no” over the door receiver when asking if we could use one …

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Week 5: Do No Harm.

Asalam Alaikum! Last week I introduced you to Dawud Clark. Dawud is a dedicated, kind, and respected member of this community, and his established “Welcome to the Muslim Center” is a hallmark of what makes this community center such a wonderful and hospitable place to be.  Dawud is the house manager for DREAM’s Project Homecoming …

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