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Jessica Hsu

Week 9!

Time really has flown so fast. I can’t believe there’s only two days left of this program!! Reading my first blog post, I definitely mentioned how I hope to become more involved in community work, and this summer has more than allowed me to connect with people and community members, both in and out of […]

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Week 8!

As my time in Detroit starts winding down, I’ve been thinking a lot about this summer and the work that I’ve had the chance to do at Brightmoor Artisans Collective. This summer, I had the chance to finish Phase I of the project, involving categorizing and mapping of land sites for potential farmsteads (along with

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Week 7!

In my blog post this week, I want to focus on an article I read a few days ago about Detroit by the New York Times. (The article is here I do want to start off by pointing out that the article does try to frame Detroit in a positive light, highlighting the work

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Week 6!

Just as I feel like I’m getting into a steady routine with my work and living in Detroit, there’s only 3 weeks left! I’ve finished mapping the locations of the farmsteads, which I’m very proud and excited about, and I’m hoping to get to attend the meeting with the stakeholders in the project before the

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Week 5!

Reading the article Liberation Practices helped me to think about community work further, and, in particular, how it connects to the work I’m doing at my site. A big theme throughout these past weeks have been the idea of community (it’s in the name of this program!), and the concept of liberation practices is no

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Week 4!

Reading How to Kill A City has been very valuable, helping to provide historical context for Detroit, an in-depth exploration of gentrification, and the legacies of corporations and billionaire’s actions that persist in Detroit even now. What has stood out to me is the intersection of government policies, private corporations, and individual developers who have

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Week 3!

From working with my community organization to talking with other DCERP fellows about their projects, I feel like I’ve learned (and am still learning) so much about Detroit, its rich history, its vibrant communities, and the countless organizations working within the city. As someone who is not from Michigan, I’ve already begun realizing how skewed

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Week 2

Almost done with week 2! There has been so much going on, beyond work, which I hadn’t expected. I’ve had a wonderful time getting to know everyone even better. A couple of us went to the Pride Fest and watched the Motor City Pride Parade on Sunday, which was very fun (we also managed to

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Week 1!

Hi everyone! I’m Jessica, and I’m majoring in public health and double minoring in statistics and the environment. It’s been great meeting everyone this week. I’m currently working at Brightmoor Artisans Collective this summer. In terms of “community,” I think of a group of people who have a similar trait, whether that trait be a

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