Lamar ‘s First Day – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Lamar ‘s First Day

My first day at the Detroit Food Academy was completely different from what I expected it to be. I was kind of nervous going in though, because I thought the atmosphere was going to be similar to what I see on TV often. I imagined my supervisor to be very stern and the people I was going to work with very “white collar”. I was surprised when I saw people with jeans, sneakers, and even shorts on walking around the office. It also was surprising to see so many “younger” individuals working in the office instead of more middle-aged workers. The office is pretty casual and there is not much personal space which leads to everyone engaging in conversation. I mostly just learned about the program and what services they offered. My supervisor was very excited to have me on board with the program and was really focused on what I was interested in. I believe I enjoy working with this group.

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  1. Sounds like a great time. Im glad you can feel connected with more similar people in terms age group and dress code. Looks like you wil have an easy time fitting in! Hope the upcoming weeks are just as good for you

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