UROP Intern at Chiwara Week 1 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

UROP Intern at Chiwara Week 1


I am officially a summer UROP intern at Chiwara, an organization that promotes the integration of permaculture into the food, educational, and economic system.  This organization utilizes all material on site to mimic how nature works to maximize the amount of harvested goods and to minimize the amount of work required.  It is an organization that makes learning about the environment, sustainable food system, and other social issues fun; I feel like I am having a wild yet academical adventure with nature.

Coming on site and having hands on experience with how permaculture works and to read more about the aesthetic and the benefits it provides captivate me into an adventurous studying world. I want to continue learning more about this exploration and experiment with how to set up the land, the guilds, and the planting process to yield the most profits.  I also started to wonder about the impacts of permaculture, about its effects on the community, the durability of its effects, and how it is going to balance the disparities existing in Highland Park, Detroit. All of these ideas and questions wander in my head and they are waiting to be more fertilized as I continue my research and learning with Chiwara.

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  1. Your work at Chiwara sounds pretty cool! I have to say I have very little idea what permaculture is so it’s great that you’re exploring that this summer. I’m excited to hear what you find out about how it relates to Highland Park!

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