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Let the Sun Shine Through the Clouds

If one were to blame someone who hasn’t been exposed to …… for not accomplishing something bigger is wrong. Those who are in an enviroment with little exposure to bigger things such as going on vactations, leaving the city of Detroit(the city he/she was born and raised in), or knowing someone who has graduated from college, just doesn’t know what is out there; what the possibilities are. They only know what they see or hear about.

Even I, a person who parents tried to expose her to everything, still find myself in circles and territories that are unfamiliar to me, but in a good way. To think that I have leverage over those people. If I still have not even touched the surface, where does it leave them?

While I was sitting at the round table in Deloitte,leaning back in a black chair, staring at the faces around me, I was just thinking, if I’m here, where are the people I associate myself with, the people who I grew up with, the people who I embrace because there is a sense of familiarity when I look at them? They are eons away from where I am sitting. Why? One must ask WHY to find the root of the problem and the solution to the problem; not WHO, but WHY.

Wow, the girl I see pushing the stroller on Vandyke has no clue how she is in a whole other world. That world is her enviroment and she is her enviroment; she is comfortable with her enviroment and knows her enviroment. Without exposure how will she demand more? How will those who are not exposed demand more or know to demand more. Righ now, they are accepting what is in front of them and making it work.

They are over there…..We are here…..BUT what we all should want is merely right there……

Exposure and Seld Empowerment is a start…….

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  1. Thank you really for sharing ur feelings about your place at your job and within Detroit– That’s also an interesting thought that when you think about different things going on in Detroit, w/ people you know and others, you can see that in some cases people are struggling or are limited, but you also know that that’s definitely not the whole story. I think you’re right when you say you have to look at an issue and think, WHY is it like that; if you’re not acknowledging what caused it, you can’t possibly understand/change the issue.

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