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A Little Bit Eclectic

(Thursday was just way too action packed to fit in one post so here is part two)

After the press conference, I went back to the office to get some actual work done. I am finally making headway on my documents and think it will only be a few more days until I can turn something useful in to my supervisor. However, I worked quite slowly, probably because I knew it was going to be a long day.

Luckily, my supervisor also needed a break in the afternoon, so we went out for lunch at a local tea house. If anyone is ever in the Grandmont-Rosedale area, I highly recommend you stop by “A Little Bit Eclectic.” Every thing the owner makes is not only delicious, but also creative and inventive in terms of ingredients. My international vegetarian wrap had a boat-load of homemade guacamole and was just yum.

We sadly had to eventually leave this food heaven and get back to work. I still felt unproductive, but at the last minute I found a really great article by a law student at Wayne State on Michigan’s special assessments, so at least I felt semi-accomplished.

At 5:45, I finally got to pack up my computer and head over to the North Rosedale Community House for the monthly Neighborhood Safety meeting. GRDC had created a mechanism in which the local police precinct would come once a month to inform community members about crime trends, tips, and answer any relevant questions.

The meeting lasted till 8pm but I was so impressed that the time flew right by. I would be interested to attend multiple meetings to observe progress and hear about new community policing initiatives; unfortunately the meetings are on hold for the summer and won’t start up until September…

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  1. Sounds like you had a super busy day! It’s great that you have so much going on. Now I’m sure it feels like too much sometimes but when the summer is over you will look back and feel really accomplished. It’s also great that you had bonding time with your supervisor. Good luck on your project!

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