Week 5 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 5

Thank goodness 4th of July was this week, because I needed the day off. Week five might have been one of my least favorite weeks. I was not feeling too well and my left shoulder was extremely sore. I mostly typed papers for 90% of my office time. Although it was extremely tedious and boring, I understand why it was important to the organization. I was responsible for typing up about 100 different recipes for teachers to use during their classroom instruction. I sure hope they appreciate and do not ignore my efforts. It was especially challenging because I am a terrible typer, and my posture for typing swiftly is awful. I had to take breaks every 2.5 hours so my body would not be completely sore. It did not help that my office was freezing cold, and cold weather makes me sleepy. I needed about 3 cups of green tea to stay awake and focused, and to keep myself warm. I regret not taking lunch breaks during the week, because after working 8-9 straight hours I feel miserably tired and hungry. Luckily, for me, Fresh Corner Cafe is right above me and I can grab a sandwich to go.

Hopefully next week I will have more variety in my work and be able to have more human interaction. Working in almost complete isolation is torture to me, but it does allow me to focus on my work so I will not complain.

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