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Det300: Week 5/Events in the Park this Summer!!

Week 5 was a pretty inactive week at Detroit 300. This being 4th of July week, our Summer in the Park series skips this week. My supervisor took vacation this week and it was pretty quiet in the office.

I thought I’d make this post about all the great a events happening at our parks this summer!

Here’s the link to all the events and the parks they’re at:

(all the events are FREE!!)

A few highlights: there are movies playing at 8:30 pm on Saturdays in July at Campus Martius! (
Some of the movies are Les Mis, Skyfall, and Silver Linings Playbook

4th Fridays are the biggest events at our Parks, the next one is July 26. It starts at 5 at Campus Martius and includes some national music acts:

There’s also a Healthy Moves series that has yoga at 9:30 am on Saturday at Campus Martius and at 11 am on Sunday at Grand Circus Park!
Here’s the link for Healthy Moves:

You guys should definitely try to make it to at least one of these events because they’re lots of fun in beautiful parks and they’re free!

Campus Martius is walkable distance from Greektown, Comerica Park and of course American and Lafayette Coney Islands (you’re supposed to try a coney from each and judge which is the best!)

There’s also a Hardrock Cafe, Ben and Jerry’s, Olga’s Kitchen and lots more in the Compuware building!

Hope this was helpful, I’d love to see you guys at these events! Facebook/e-mail me if you have any questions about events/food in the area. I’d be happy to give you more info!

Thanks guys!

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  1. Thanks for posting this grace! I love learning about all of the different events in Detroit during the summer. I really like the live performances in Paradise Valley Park that Detroit 300 puts on. I sit outside and watch them and eat my lunch every tuesday and thursday!

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