Shock Mode – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Shock Mode

Well, I knew that the work I was doing for my internship was relevant for those I was doing it for but honestly I did not think it was a big deal. Although I put much effort into it, I guess I felt like it wasn’t enough for those I worked with or as if the work I was doing was not really all that valuable. It wasn’t until seminar that I realized that the work I was doing was actually pretty cool. Many people were coming up to me asking me if they could access it somehow to use it and some even said that they had been trying or wanting to do something like that for years and it was just too time consuming and difficult. This really made me feel better about my project and let me know that I really did do something meaningful or useful.

I’ll be honest… I didn’t even invite my supervisor or anyone from my office because they honestly did not make me feel as if what I was doing was worth anything or as if it wasn’t much work. Like it was easy or something. I am glad I was able to speak with some of the people I did at the symposium because they really reminded me of the value of my work. I plan on sending an email or meeting with my supervisor to tell her the type of feedback I got and then maybe she will think it was pretty good work after that lol. Who know’s. Honestly, I really enjoyed this internship and I learned a lot about non profits, but I am glad to be out of the environment I was in at my workplace. It was not enjoyable for me at all. I was always very uncomfortable and felt out of place. Glad to know everything ended well though and I guess you just can’t “clique” with certain groups of people no matter how hard you try.

-Candace C.

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