9. Back Tracking – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

9. Back Tracking

You know how you have those moments in your life that are those pivotal moments, those moments that could change the course of your your life forever? Better yet those moments that make or break you and define you for the rest of your life? Well.. This is not one of those moments BUT, it was non the less very important. This was the week of the… Drum roll…. Wait for it… Wait for it…. The FINAL BLUE RIBBON PANEL MEETING!!!!!!!! ¬†Yes, yes I know you are just as excited and as nervous I was because I know you have been reading all of my other blog posts. I already know, I can feel your anticipation, just BEGGING me to tell you the meeting went. Well let me stop teasing you and tell you how it went… It was PHENOMENAL. Everything was smooth from beginning to end and we even had a few surprises. Thanks to my handy, follow up calls and leaving good messages, Council Member Ken Cockrel showed up to the event. We had been trying to get him for quite a while but because of schedule conflicts he has not been able to attend. So we were very happy that he was able to come to the final meeting. Another good part of the meeting was I had a chance to play photographer for the meeting and take pictures of everyone.


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