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Moving Out and Moving In

Everyone is all moved out of their dorm now…. heading back to Ann Arbor for the fall/winter. I know that I was not in the dorm hall often to socialize with everyone else in the program, but I still am really excited to have met everyone. Although we each had our own unique experiences I still feel as if we all experienced these things together. I found myself very excited to be able to see everyone on campus instead of just parting ways forever. I do plan on keeping in touch with some people and honestly, I feel like I will become much closer to certain people while on campus then I was throughout this program. It is cool that this experience introduced me to people I did not know from my school in a setting that was not U of M campus. I really enjoyed getting to know people in Detroit instead of Ann Arbor. It just makes things different and I am glad to have new faces in my social circles for this coming school year 🙂

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  1. I definitely agree with all your points! It’s great to have met everyone and to be able to see people back on campus! It’s great too to see people in a different environment — both being in Detroit instead of Ann Arbor and working instead of being in and out of classes all week. This was a cool program/experience!

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