Week Nine: Seminar Reflection – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week Nine: Seminar Reflection

Over the course of these past nine weeks I have learned a great deal both from my placement, seminar as well as around the city. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect way to spend my summer. I enjoyed the different aspects seminar as far as having a community engagement section for us to think beyond the regular process of seminar. This community engagement challenged us to think outside our comfort zone and to be willing to learn new approach to issues that we may come across. Although at times I felt as though I will never really understand the purpose of it but now that we are coming to the end of this program I see the purpose of all those community engagement section. Sometimes at work I find myself using some of the methods taught to us at seminar in some of my work. I know for a fact the interview methods came very handy during the preparation for the upcoming project that my group and myself are working on.

Another aspect of seminar that stood out to me was the different speakers that came each week to lecture us. Although we were all placed at different locations it is nice to have some of the supervisors come to our seminar and tell us about their work as well as what prompted them to work where they do. All of these speakers are very passionate about their work and we can see it through their lectures and information they provide us. They also include some interactive activities for us to participate which is very helpful because majority of the time we do no like being lectured to for hours. It is a nice way for us to get out of our seats and take a  hands on approach to their projects. Overall I enjoyed majority of seminar maybe not the early in the part.

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