Seminar Reflection – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Seminar Reflection

Throughout the program, I have had a love-hate relationship with the Friday seminars. To be fair, the only thing I’ve hated is how early I’ve had to wake up when I just want to sleep in after a long week at work. Other than that, I have learned so much new information from each week’s speaker. My favorite seminar would have to be when Jerrell Harris from Focus:HOPE came to speak to us. Not only did I enjoy his personality, I was also very interested in the topic of cultural humility. One of my biggest passions is learning about different cultures, so naturally I had fun listening to what Jerrell had to say. I learned about the important differences between cultural competence and cultural humility and how cultural humility can be used in the workplace or in general. Probably my favorite part about this seminar was hearing Jerrell speak about his personal life. He said that in his senior year he changed his major from finance to sociology, which still amazes me. Right now I am considering the best majors for me and it is definitely not an easy decision! I am grateful I had the chance to gain some insight from Jerrell that will last a long time.

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