Week 9: Seminars – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 9: Seminars

After a long week at work, Fridays came as the refreshing finish line before the weekend. It was difficult waking up 30 minutes earlier than the rest of the week, but the seminars were pleasant. I enjoyed meeting leaders of the various non-profits that some of my UROP CBRP colleagues were working with. It was interesting to see how different.. and similar each person’s presentation styles were. Because the topics were broad, I must confess that I found my mind wandering every now and again, but overall, I think I learned some important lessons. 

The portion of seminar that sticks out to me most is the Detroit documentary. I’ve watched many documentaries on the city, but I hadn’t seen this one.. and it was GREAT! I loved how it was centered around a lot of the grassroots efforts in the neighborhoods, instead of the most popular media coverage about the premier neighborhoods. I also enjoyed the communications seminar. I actually used some of her tips in my workplace! I had to write a press release and was glad I knew the basics before getting started. 

Friday seminars were a nice change of pace and chance to learn from outside my community partner. 

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