Week Nine: Seminars and memorable lessons – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week Nine: Seminars and memorable lessons

I’ve really enjoyed all of the seminars throughout the program and I’ve learned a lot from them. The sessions have altered my perspective in different ways and now I tend to consider things that I hadn’t before. I feel as though I can pick out many things from each seminar that I enjoyed and that I tried to remember and utilize during my time at my placement.

I only wish that my time at my placement wasn’t ending so soon. It would be great to continue to implement the lessons I’ve learned into future projects with my nonprofit. Although my time at my placement is coming to an end, I know I can use the skills that I’ve learned in many different situations. I’ll continue to keep them in mind for future experiences and I will try to continue to utilize my new skills after leaving Detroit.

I only wish that I could’ve learned all that I have from the seminars before I’d entered my placement. A lot of the different skills and lessons that I learned would’ve be helpful and eyeopening during the beginning and middle of my time at my organization and while working on my project. Not only did I learn a lot, but I also had a lot of fun. I loved creating my toaster alarm clock prototype with Gina at one of the first seminars and we still have it in our dorm room! I was surprised that by the end of the program, I found myself looking forward to waking up on Friday and taking the half hour morning walk to the Detroit Center.

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  1. I certainly sympathize with how having learned some of the seminar lessons before the begining or middle of our projects would have been useful… looking back now, things I learned later on could have helped make those first few weeks mroe productive

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