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Month: July 2014

Bored suburban kids trying to feel “hardcore”? I feel that.

Something I came across a few days ago: Source: http://motorcitymuckraker.com/blog/2014/07/02/3-grosse-pointe-teens-busted-for-spray-painting-downtown-detroit-building/ First off, I’d like to say that Motor City Muckraker is an awesome Detroit news source because it isn’t afraid to push the envelope and be racy. They don’t pretend to act unbiased because everyone is a target in these investigative journalists’ eyes. Recently, they’ve …

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The article I read was about poetry. Not only did the author of the article, Gerry Lafemina, mention Inside Out explicitly, he echoed the sentiment expressed by myself and a few teachers in the Uncommon Core workshop lead by Jeff Cass in Ann Arbor about two weeks back. Poetry culture is changing, and simply by …


Week 5: Water shut-offs in Detroit

“Thousands go without water as Detroit cuts service for nonpayment” http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-detroit-water-20140629-story.html#page=1 I wanted to look into a community issue Detroit faces that is somewhat different than what I’m working with at the HP Collaborative. I know a lot of different organizations in the DCBRP focus on environmental issues, so I thought that would be cool …

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Community Organizing in Detroit

http://www.swsol.org/pages/assets/Bill_OBrien_Los_Angeles_Times.pdf I chose this article because I felt it provides a view into the world of community organizing in the context of Southwest Detroit, as well as other communities like Chicago. The story of Bill O’Brien, a community organizer, reminds me of the work of a couple of my coworkers as well as the topics …

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Blog 5: Do Two Commodities Make a Right, OR The Story of Water, Sewer and the UN in Detroit

Detroit Water Shut Offs; NBC News Recently, Food & Water Watch, as part of a coalition of other organizations, submitted a report to the UN Special Rapporteur¬†on Water, citing the DWSD’s mass shut offs of water to residential homes as a human rights violation. According to the UN, if a person cannot pay their bill, …

Blog 5: Do Two Commodities Make a Right, OR The Story of Water, Sewer and the UN in Detroit Read More »

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