Week #10 =((((((( – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week #10 =(((((((

It’s coming to end! My last blog =(. Even though I have kind of been slacking but it’s okay lol! I have learned so much from working with the 48203 Collaborative! It was just great getting a different view of the Highland Park. I never knew that the Highland Park high school was closing. Which is so sad because that’s the only high school there!
Working with Highland Park has made me love HP even more! I just love how friendly the people are. How welcoming they are into letting people into their community!
I really think i have made life long friends! This program has helped me come out of my comfort zone! I’ve probably never would have met some of these people if i didn’t do this program. I’m especially glad to meet my partner in the project Marlee! I just love her!!! She’s the best! We instantly clicked because our birthdays were a day apart. We’ll definitely be friends forever!
This program was more than what I expected. I loved every minute of it. I wish I could do something like this every summer! Getting to meet new people is always great!



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