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It’s the end of week 4, and I’ve had quite a few conversations surrounding the topic of culture in my work place thus far. Whether it was age, sex, gender, or race, we’ve talked about it. Everyone that works at my placement, Metro Matters, is fairly young. It’s great for the interns because they can really relate to our college experiences, and engage in conversations on topics relevant to us. There are also a few graduates from UofM which also makes for a great work culture. The office is a female dominated environment, which leads to interesting conversations. My boss is biracial, I am African American, and the rest of the office is caucasian.

I really enjoy working at Metro Matters, and that can be partially due to the fact that it is so diverse. Being here reminds me a lot of being in Ann Arbor, which is a familiar setting, and makes work more comfortable. The culture of the city of my placement, Ferndale, is very fun and inviting; it’s a small city, and majority caucasian. It’s drastically different from Detroit, which is just a few streets over.

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  1. It is interesting to hear about the culture of the Metro Matters organization.
    Just out of curiosity, when you call Metro Matters diverse, what kind of diversity are you referring to? Is the office staff diverse by race, age, gender etc.? I am just curious.

    I am glad that you are enjoying the work environment!

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