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Month: June 2015

Week 4: Workplace Culture

Although this is my first office job, I am to some extent certain that Focus: HOPE is very unique in its communal spirit. Staff are encouraged to wear pins with the Focus: HOPE emblem and they are very proud to identify with the organization. Also, everyone is required to present themselves very professionally because every …

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As I’ve written before, although I am from mid-Michigan, I have spent a good chunk of my college career interacting in a variety of ways with this city that I have grown to love. Last summer, I interned in Southwest Detroit. I am a director of the Detroit Partnership on campus, through which I have …

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Week 4

Culture. I never really thought about the culture and dynamics of the office I work in until today at the DIA. I saw an event being hosted for the Honigman group (law firm) which was predominantly white men. I then thought about the office I work in and realized how diverse it is in terms …

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Week 4: Cultural Cues in SITC

While working at Summer In The City, my eyes have been exposed to a variety of diversity within the organization. I primarily work within the headquarters, and all of the faculty staff is primarily caucasian. However, the people that we serve, which are primarily underrepresented groups and minorities, are mainly of African American and Hispanic …

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Speaking of culture (race/ethnicity relations in particular), my orientation with the students at Detroit Food Academy was a tad awkward. I gave a brief description of my personal background and provided pictures of my family, but then came the race discussion. I told the students that I was biracial, but identified as African American and …

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