Week Five – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week Five


This article gives a good briefing of what is going on in Southwest Detroit but it fails to speak to the soul of the people. In this deal proposed by the billion dollar Moroun family want a property swap so that they can build an additional bridge span between the United States and Canada. What I failed to realize is that they are proposing what would be a third bridge span. Why that seems necessary…I am sure money is the root of it all. The Moroun family has a reputation in the city for not maintaining the many properties it owns and not paying property taxes. They also own the Ambassador Bridge. The existing bridge span we all see today. Then in recent years Canada wanted a piece of the pie and got approval to build an additional bridge span, dubbed the “Gordie Howe Bridge.” Now the Moruon’s see that their profits are about to be cut and want to build an entirely new bridge instead of making the necessary repairs and maintenance to the one they already own.

The vocal and vibrant Southwest Detroit community came out in droves this week to voice their concerns. Nearly each of them acknowledging the already poor air quality conditions and what increased traffic would mean for them in their children. While they are very much behind the idea of an additional park in the community and a chance to gain access to the waterfront, they do not believe it should be gained in a manner that further worsens their health. Industry and public health clash and hopefully humanity wins.

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  1. Wow! That would be a shame if Riverside Park was demolished to create a new bridge to Canada. At times, I feel like the very ‘heart of Detroit’ is being ripped out by greedy, money worshiping capitalists! Such an unnecessary addition to Detroit.

  2. I really loved this article! It saddens me that such ideas are even thought of, but it brings a huge awareness to the community my placement is in. It always felt like SW Detroit gets the short end of the stick.

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