Week Five: News in Detroit – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week Five: News in Detroit

In Detroit we hear a lot about the negative aspects of life like rapes, killings, and violence against the nation so I would like to share some great news. People are not exposed to the positive highlights of Detroit like community activities, free events, and the great places to sight-see. “Detroit’s beloved doorman: ‘I’m back in business‘” is an article that caught my interest. Roddy, a 6 ft 3 in the doorman at David Whitney Building, became a bona fide local celebrity of the metro Detroit area. Due to his hospitality he received a part in a Super-Bowl commercial for Chrysler that introduced the automaker’s “Imported from Detroit” tagline. Although, he was a co-star in a commercial with Eminem as the main star, Roddy received a lot of recognition from the commercial. After, catering to hot celebrities and adventuring in different states, Roddy began to look for another gig.

Christopher Roddy
Christopher Roddy

Roddy was approached by Van Dyke and other business partners of David Whitney Building for a position as a doorman. The big city welcomed Roddy with random photography approaches, high fives and “Good to see you again”. It is amazing because I hear stories like this all the time. Detroit has so much support and growth and it seems like the city gives so much to other states by implanting various skills to different individuals. Detroiters have so much to offer to the world and once they get a chance to explore, they always find it most comfortable in Detroit. It seems like the words “Detroit Raised” are extremely powerful to people who are not from here. To others saying that you are from Detroit, it mean something different. I believe Detroit is a city full of people with dreams and ambition. Detroit gives hope to all people of a better tomorrow, a better life, and a persona growth.

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