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New Detroit

Working in Detroit has been amazing from meeting new people to exploring different aspects of Detroit. The city has so much to offer that I would not have been exposed to without DCBRP. I have been able to explore movies in the park at the New Center, the Pride Parade and even the excitement of the fireworks. It has been amazing to view the city with a positive outlook towards the environment. The events have made me a proud Detroiter. From the experiences I have not only learned that new exciting things happen all the time if you have an open mind but I have also learn that your perception can change if you believe in change.

New Center Movies in the Park
New Center Movies in the Park

Networking and meeting new people has been challenge for me. Since I am more comfortable expressing myself through any medias ,but vocal it has been a challenge to get out and be active. The program has gave me an opportunity to express my dreams to anyone who is interested; I never thought so many people would be interested in my life, my goals, and me as a person. Many strangers and even people from different cultures have approached me just to learn more about me. I believe this program has helped me become more open to the community and the environment which is helping me grow. I am extremely excited in the opportunities and growth I will gain in the remainder of the time I am a part of DCBRP.

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