Week 10: So Long… Farewell… To You My Friend… – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 10: So Long… Farewell… To You My Friend…

Hey Demario!

I know you are surprised at how fast the time has really flew by! You’ve already finished your last day of work and tomorrow you’re going to share with people, all of the great work you have been able to be a part of this summer. I don’t think you could have imagined how much this summer has taught you: about yourself, about your capabilities, your endurance, your passion, and your ability to connect to people. The time you have spent in Detroit has given you a fire unlike I thought you were capable of having. A willingness to speak up and speak out against injustice and join a movement, a community have been instrumental in this process. You were able to learn about, support, and eventually feel a part of a community that refuses to silent. You have been a part of a community that has done whatever it takes to show those in power that they are willing to fight. Although the journey is long and many continue to fight for water quality and water affordability policy, there have been small victories. Ripples that help to make waves. Momentum has been built to launch into bigger and better things.

You have learned how important every person is in your journey. You know that you would not be where you are today, if it had not been for all of the amazing people that helped and supported you along the way. You can’t imagine what this program would have been like without all of the amazing people you’ve worked with at Food & Water Watch and the People’s Water Board Coalition. Your fellow students and program participants have really kept you steadfast in your work, because of their passion and dedication to their placements and always providing you with opportunities to explore the city and take a break. This summer has been instrumental in your life and I am so excited to see what else life has in store for you!


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