The Final Countdown! – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

The Final Countdown!

Dear Drew,

It’s me/you again. You there, kiddo? Well, this is the end. You’re probably sitting in your room, getting ready for the exhibition, and packing now. Looking back on that first letter, I can say that you haven’t done everything you said that you were going to do, but you made improvements as a person.

One of the things you were worried about was not living up to your true potential. And while I think being awesome isn’t something that can be developed over the course of a few weeks, you’ve definitely grown. You probably can’t see how you contributed to the Sierra Club on the greater scheme, but know that you’ve definitely helped out. In the future, don’t go about thinking that you’ll save the world in ten weeks, you’ve met people who worked for decades and didn’t save the world yet.

As for meeting people, you’ve made new connections with a lot of pleasant folks who’ve made the program great for you. Going to museums, restaurants, the beach, and just hanging out in apartments, the friends you’ve made here will be remembered throughout your lifetime.

You said that you wanted to learn and thanks to this program, you’ve gained a wealth of knowledge. You realized that although your hometown has its flaws, you want to go out, learn, and bring your knowledge and expertise to help rebuild the City of Detroit.

Your perceptions of the world, Detroit, and yourself have changed since the beginning of the program and you still have a lot more growing to do! Don’t consider the end of this program as a goodbye, but rather as another chance to start anew and develop yourself even further.

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