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Creating lasting culture

The culture at the Friends of Parkside is constantly evolving. Despite its evolution, the organization cultivates a culture that encourages its residents to uplift the community and to support each other. 

Communication is very important to the Friends of Parkside. This is because many of the decisions that are being made affect the whole community. With decisions like this many of the employees and even the director make a point to make everyone aware of new programs and partnerships before they are final. Each employee/ intern is able to communicate a concern or idea at the weekly meetings that are held for each project that is being worked on. 

FOOD is a huge part of the culture at the Friends of Parkside. I know I have talked about food in previous blog post but I cannot emphasize how important food is at FOP.  In the last week, I have been able to score bread, eggs, and even ice cream! Our next food give-a-way will be at the health fair which is in 2 weeks (Can anyone believe how fast time has gone by?) 

Finally, networking is a huge part of the FOP culture. Although I have only been at FOP for about 4 weeks I have been able to improve my networking skills. This has been extremely important for me because people are way more responsive to my emails and phone calls when I have built a connection with them. 

Although I am slightly nervous about the weeks to come I am excited to see how the health fair turns out and how my role will change after the health fair is finished. 

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